Sunday, 7 June 2015

Three Tips for Keeping Your London Concierge Motivated and Productive

Ideally, most employers would prefer to hire a Personal Assistant who knows how to self-motivate himself or herself. After all, keeping others motivated each day can be challenging. Of course, even if you do find a PA that knows how to stay motivated, adding extra motivation can only yield wonders in terms of your PA’s performance. With that in mind, here are a three simple tips to help you make sure that the London concierge you acquire from respected staff agencies like SORTED remain motivated, productive, and ready to impress: Clear Lines of Communication From the delegation of tasks to asking for work environment feedback, communication between you and your PA should be clear and simple. Before you start working together, make sure that you and your PA discuss what you expect out of your partnership. This should set the tone and help you make use of each other’s strengths to get tasks done more efficiently.

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