Monday, 14 July 2014

Overworked and under pressure? Employ a Lifestyle Management Assistant

Last year, 50 LinkedIn influencers shared the must-haves of their trade, and Business Insider posted an article about it. Many cited the latest professional devices, some mentioned medication, and a few others named downright weird objects. English business magnate and investor Richard Branson’s choice clearly stood out, however, because he cited his Personal Assistant. A great Assistant is a great asset, but it could be difficult to find a really good one. The good news is that a London concierge service can provide the Personal Assistant you need. The Assistant can manage your schedule for you to ensure you are doing everything that needs to be done. He or she can take care of your travel arrangements, social plans, and even look after your wellbeing. Here are two of the greatest benefits you will experience when you take on an Assistant.

Friday, 11 July 2014

A Professional Private Personal Assistant: More than Just an Employee

"According to SORTED Personal management, which provides assistants to celebrities and other high-profile clients, PAs function as the right hand and second brain of celebrities. They take care of all the little chores of day-to-day life, which can easily snowball into one big mess if left unattended, so their clients can focus on doing their job and spending quality time with their loved ones. Given the job, it takes a certain type of person to be a successful celebrity PA. Fortunately, companies like SORTED provide clients with career PAs who are carefully chosen for their skills and experience, and who remain loyal employees for many, many years."

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Personal Concierge in London: A Viable Job for the Detail-Oriented

"Basically, a personal concierge can be considered to be the “lifestyle managers” of the rich, but very busy, people. Before considering a career as a lifestyle concierge assistant, you must also be sharp and quick to act, and diligent in taking down notes of all the details concerning your tasks. Another valuable reminder for prospective job seekers who are looking to enter the PA and concierge industry is to find reputable companies like Sorted Personal Management that have a large network of possible clients."