Friday, 28 February 2014

Hiring Personal Concierge: What You Need to Know

With today’s smartphones and tablets, people can go online wherever they are, be it waiting in queue at the post office or having their lunch at the office cafeteria. Such multitasking activities are also common at home. In fact, according to research conducted by YouGov, 76 percent of U.K. consumers use mobile phones and tablets whilst watching their favourite TV shows.

However, there are times when multitasking doesn’t work. Researchers at the University of California claim that multitasking hinders short-term memory. For instance, employees who divide their attention among different tasks are prone to having difficulty recalling what they were doing before an email popped up or a phone call came in.

For this reason, people who juggle too many tasks at once can consider the services of a personal concierge in London. Like its hotel counterpart, a personal concierge attends to the needs of the client, whether it is business-related, like preparing a client presentation, or personal, like buying groceries. Having a personal concierge enables people to manage their lives better and establish a work-life balance.

One has to know how to maximize concierge services, however. Upon hiring a personal assistant, one has to clearly define what his or her needs are first. A client should also provide an outline of expectations and deadlines so he or she and his or her personal assistant see eye to eye in terms of schedule management.

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